Within the density, noise and overly stimulating energies of New York City, I often had found solace in the glistening rocks scattered throughout Central Park that regenerated my power and restored my peace and balance. It is in this oasis, that, I had found the muses that initially inspired this illustrative photography series. The Divine Feminine, story of her ascension process, and her connection to the Source, through Nature. The images call to the spirit of the Divine Feminine, and different embodiments her, as Healers, Starseeds, Goddesses, Shamans, Alchemists, Lightworkers, Magicians, Grid Keepers, Dreamers… Those who hold the higher dimensions sight. 
LINES & VOID - Artist Statement:
At the center of inspiration and connection to this series is my desire to serve as an instrument for healing. The process is very specific as it starts with listening my subjects' healing intentions, then entering the eternal void, connecting and becoming a conduit for Universal life force / Source energy, and activating connections into an ethereal alphabet using lines. 
Allowing the universal energy, that is available to us all, to flow specifically by redirecting it to the specific intention or area, through symbols on their skin. I then based my photography based on this visualization, which becomes a continuous healing of their hearts.
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